ZTE and LG will not appear at important trade shows. All because of the Chinese virus

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The companies were to show, among others, new smartphones.

update: the Chinese company ZTE she criticized the mediathat disseminated information about the manufacturer's cancellation of exhibition plans at MWC in Barcelona. The Chinese will be present on site and, in addition to products, will also show all interested parties the latest solutions in the field of 5G wireless networks.

Two huge brands have decided unequivocally cancel your participation in the largest communication fair – Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona. A moment after the Chinese ZTE announced the postponement of their product premieres, LG decided to do the same. A Korean manufacturer who was to show new hardware in Barcelona gave up this practice and stated in an official statement that he would do so in the coming months. However, the GSMA organizing the fair in the Spanish city every year is positive about the event itself.

In the LG statement you can read that the company takes into account the safety of its employees and the general public. This type of decision is to prevent unnecessary exposure of hundreds of LG employees to travel abroad. Koreans also cite the recommendation of health experts. Interestingly, Xiaomi also thinks similarly. Richard Lai from Engadget China said that the Chinese will not invite the media to Barcelona, ​​but will display their products at the fair itself.


GSMA clearly states that it intends to continue the organization of the fair. Persons responsible for MWC will provide additional medical support on site, increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection, and will do everything to ensure that the trade fair runs smoothly – the date remains unchanged, MWC will take place from February 24-27 this year. In the official GSMA statement you can read that the organizers will take care of disinfection means in "contact points" and will also hang additional hygiene reminder banners. The microphones for speakers at conferences will also change. Each of the operations is to comply with the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

The resignation of two huge brands from participating in MWC is a big blow for the organizers. In terms of presence, there are no other comments from giants such as Samsung and Huawei. GSMA cannot afford to allow other partners to cancel their presentations and give up the previously purchased place.

May everything be done as it should.

Source: DT