YouTube with a rebuilt homepage. From now on you will find less movies on it

new yt 3 page

Google is constantly trying to make YouTube more attractive – we're just witnessing one of them. The concern has started the process of implementing the refreshed platform main screen. At first glance, it may seem that the change limits the visibility of the displayed content. Nothing could be more wrong.

The purpose of entering a new view is "Help finding another great video to watch". How? Just look at the graphic below – the redesigned home screen includes enlarged thumbnails and titles materials. The number of recommended videos displayed in one bar was reduced from five to four (the change includes YouTube in browser version, iOS and Android).

new yt 1 page

Such a procedure is to ensure that users do not miss the noteworthy clip. Apart from all these issues – the new home screen just looks neater and cleaner! However, this is not the only change made by Google.

The desktop version of the platform has also been enriched by the ability to add a clip to the viewing queue straight from the thumbnail of the material. Just click the three-dot icon on the right side of the clip and select "Add to queue". Until now, you had to enter the movie, which of course resulted in stopping just watched.

new yt 2 page

The drop-down menu above also now has an option "Do not recommend this channel". This feature will allow you to immediately limit the visibility of the creator in our YouTube account. Admittedly, this option can be very useful.

The functionalities described above have already been implemented on the server side, so it is a matter of weeks for them to be present to every user.

Source: TechSpot