YouTube will become real television? New function in preparation

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According to the latest information, YouTube is thinking about creating a special subscription that will allow users access third party websites – thus diverting attention from the competition in the form of Apple TV + or Amazon Prime Video. Google wants to do everything to keep as many people as possible in its ecosystem. The Information report reveals that in this case it is about offering "a wide range of streaming services provided by entertainment companies." In general, YouTube may therefore allow subscription purchases of services such as Showtime, HBO, Netflix, CBS and others. Why is that important?

Google has been conducting advanced conversations with several entertainment services for several months regarding joining the video subscription market. The aforementioned Apple and Amazon work similarly – people using a subscription for these two services can also watch productions created by HBO or Sundance TV. Amazon currently works with over 200 external services and Google seems to want the same thing.


YouTube already allows users to access some portals through its YouTube TV service. The offer would be extended in the future, thus eliminating the need to buy multiple subscriptions at the same time. Google CEO reported that YouTube currently has 20 million paid subscribers using the service on the agenda. Statistics also don't lie: an increasing number of people watching TV are beginning to "switch" to fully internet solutions.

At the moment we do not know more details about potential Google partners and the possible launch of the giant's "television". The direction in which the American company is heading, however, is correct and can make the competition actually start to be afraid.

Currently, YouTube uses 2 billion users each month.

Source: The verge