YouTube: The subscription section will be a great update

youtube filter 11

You will definitely like it.

The YouTube mobile application has just been enriched with quite an interesting novelty – the ability to filter materials in the "Subscriptions" section. The update has been implemented so far only in the iOS version of the service. Google software users have to wait patiently.

yt filter 1

As we can see in the screenshot above, a special bar with text icons will now appear in the 'Subscriptions' tab. The user will be provided with the following material filtration options:

  • All (movies from subscribed channels will be shown in chronological order),
  • Today (videos from subscribed channels uploaded within the last 24 hours will be shown),
  • Continue watching (videos from subscribed channels that we started but did not finish watching will be shown),
  • Unsuspected (videos from subscribed channels we have not watched yet will be shown),
  • Live (current broadcasts via subscribed channels and announced premieres will be displayed),
  • Posts (posts published in the Community by subscribed channels will be displayed).

Interestingly, there will be an option to disable the new bar – it all depends on consumer preferences. It hurts a little, however, that Google did not provide the release date of the function on Android. We only know that the update will appear there "in the future."

Source: Google