YouTube relaxes its rules. Brutality in game recordings will be allowed


Regulations update.

Web developers are increasingly expressing their opposition to the strict rules of YouTube. Films are limited in scope and blocked from gaining financial profits – all this often for no specific reason. It turns out that soon the situation will change slightly.

Google announced a correction of the regulations regarding video game recordings. Until now, recording productions marked with PEGI +18 was associated with the immediate imposition of age restrictions, and thus – cutting ranges. The company has announced that "Future recordings containing scenario or simulated violence will not be subject to age restrictions if they pass manual verification".

What's more, YouTube will look a little more kindly at the brutality present in video games. Of course, everything in moderation. According to representatives of the platform, "scenes of dismemberment or showing human corpses with serious injuries will still involve the imposition of age restrictions."

The giant understood that the current way of enforcing the rules contained minor errors. Violence in the real world, and that in the virtual world is significantly different and YouTube has finally decided to distinguish between these two planes.

Source: Polygon