YouTube is a leader among streaming platforms. Users spend the most time there

Youtube statistics 2

Nothing unusual.

Streaming platforms are slowly becoming an inseparable element of the lives of many users. We are slowly getting used to the fact that we have to pay a certain amount monthly to enjoy access to a certain library of movies and series. This state of affairs has its pros and cons – I personally see more advantages than vices. As it turns out … the most crowded service is the one for which we don't have to pay a penny.

Of course, we're talking about YouTube (who by the way is celebrating his 15th birthday today), which is a service that Google once purchased. The portal is significantly different from "traditional" streaming platforms, because everyone can publish content there (except YouTube Originals). In short – on YouTube we will not find world movie or series hits, but self-proclaimed productions.

Youtube statistics 1

YouTube, however, is one of the streaming platforms, which is proved by the latest statement prepared by AppAnnie. The company decided to create a ranking of streaming services applications on Androidwhere users spend the most time. YouTube has just come first – consumers spend there on average 7 out of 10 minutes while using their smartphone.

Netflix only took 6th place and it is … understandable. On the "red" platform there are productions usually lasting 30 to 60 minutes (as for series), so they are more often viewed at home on a larger screen. YouTube can run for a few minutes – depending on how long the video is interesting for us.

So there is no doubt that YouTube is the dominant force when it comes to streaming and it won't change soon enough.

Source: 9to5google