YouTube changes its mind: however, no channel will lose its verification tag when the guidelines change


Voices of objection were heard.

We made it only yesterday inform you about the changes that Google intends to make in the process of granting YouTube verification labels. In the meantime, as it turns out, this news caused so much confusion that the company was left with nothing but apologize for this confusion creator community and undo one of your decisions.

We remind you that from October Google will not verify YouTube channels solely based on the number of subscriptions, but also based on many other factors. The company is supposed to check, for example, whether a given channel belongs to the actual creator, artist, company or personality he is to represent. The channel must also have a large audience and extensive community, be recognizable off the platform and have a strong position in the network.

When Google announced the changes, many verified channels that did not meet the new guidelines received emails saying that soon lose tags. Although the company offered the opportunity to appeal against the decision, it caused considerable outrage.

In response to outrage, YouTube CEO – Susan Wojcicki – apologized to all injured creators and informed that work is already underway to solve the problem.

Soon after, Wojcicki added that, however none of the channels verified so far will lose their name tag in case it does not meet the latest verification criteria. No appeal will therefore be necessary. Badges will only lose any channels that try to impersonate other channels and brands, or those that change their name. After changing the name, the verification process will have to be done again.

In addition, YouTube has deleted a name that is similar to many other channels from among the elements necessary to verify the channel. This means that the channels named after the name will be suitable for verification.

Not surprisingly, YouTube has changed its attitude – remaining indifferent to the voice of the community would be a PR shot in the foot. The company apparently did not realize that the verification tag is not just an identity indicator for channel owners, but also a symbol of authenticity and quality that tells a lot to other users.

Source: Twitter