YouTube apologizes for deleting cryptocurrency videos

cryptocurrency youtube

And yet a mistake.

The day before yesterday we made the issue public delete videos about cryptocurrencies on YouTube. I remind you that both the leading and smaller creators have discovered with astonishment that Google has decided to remove a significant part of their work. We then argued whether the problem is the operation of YouTube algorithms, a large-scale action against cryptocurrencies targeted by Google, or maybe trolling Internet users reporting mass movies as not complying with the regulations. It turned out that the fault was … a mistake. At least, that's what the giant's officials are trying to portray.

YouTube representatives through their official Twitter profile they apologized for the confusion, informing that the recordings were deleted due to a malfunction. At the same time, they ensured that all deleted video materials would be restored, as well as their monetization.

Although the YouTube bug should already be fixed, not all creators have regained the fruits of their work. Twitter is constantly overwhelming complaints, and YouTube calms down and asks for patience, ensuring that no one gets harmed.

The online community was very divided in response to the confusion about removing videos. Some thought it was a conspiracy against "freedom and currency over which you have no control". Others, however, enjoyed that "scammers and speculators finally got theirs". AND what is your position on cryptocurrencies?