You won't believe it, but the US military has just stopped using … floppy disks

diskettes usa army 1

Time for new media.

The reason why the US military has used floppy disks as storage media so far was … security. In 2014, we learned that 8-inch media was used on an outdated computer from the 70s so that the US president could send the order to launch a nuclear weapon without any interference. As Lt. Col. Jason Rossi said – "You can't break into something that doesn't have an IP address". It's hard to disagree.

However, the time has come for major changes. The US Department of Defense has been working on restructuring the system and modernizing the way nuclear messages are sent since 2017. Floppy disks will be forgotten – it came for the time of "completely new".

Obsolete media have been replaced by … "Highly secure solid state storage solution". The solution is already proven because it has been used in the Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACCS) for years. The technology was created long before the invention of the internet, so again the cited saying of Lt. Col. Jason is working again.

As "ordinary people," we will never know the details of the restructuring of the nuclear notification system. This type of knowledge is rather restricted to a small group of trusted people. The US government must be sure that no opponent will be able to take control of similar technology. The effects of the hacker's order to launch a nuclear weapon could be, to say the least, deplorable.

Source: Engadget