You won't believe how much time Steam users spent playing in 2019


Steam summarizes 2019.

2019 was a very fruitful year for Steam. Despite the competition in the form of the Epic Games Store, compared to 2018, more new premieres have achieved Steam success, and the median revenue among these titles has also increased. In addition, the number of active users of the platform increased to almost 95 million, and the last Winter Sale was the most successful sales organized so far. Valve just shared these and many other interesting facts summing up 2019 on Steam.

Steam changed a lot in 2019

The summary first of all reminds you what new features debuted on the platform last year. Speech at least about Steam laboratories, i.e. a site that allowed users to test experimental features or improvements to the store itself. In addition, Valve could not skip the release of the application Steam Chat whether the great Steam library update. This has changed beyond recognition.

Steam Summary

In 2019, the premiere of the function was also a great event for the platform Steam Remote Playwhich allowed streaming and playing games outside the home. A function also appeared in the same year Steam Remote Play Together, thanks to which users gained the opportunity to play games with friends over the Internet that have only local multiplayer mode.

Interesting statistics

And what numbers did Valve share in his summary in addition to those listed above? Well, it turns out that in 2019 Steam users spent up to 20 billion hours in games. Yes, billions. In addition, as many as 4.3 million items have been uploaded to the Steam Workshop, 3.7 million people have used the Steam Remote Play function in the last two months of the year, and 2.3 million people have used the Steam Remote Play Together function.

Steam Summary
Steam Summary

This is not all. Thanks to the summary, we also learned that after changing the appearance of the game library, players began to place on the platform daily by 300% in more reviews. In addition, Valve reported that Steam Laboratories in their short lifetime have seen 2.7 billion views, 57 million clicks, and also 6.1 million additions of over 29,000 games to wish lists.

Plans for the future

The culmination of Valve's summary is the whole list of plans that the company intends to implement this year. So what can we expect? For example, further experimental features in Steam Laboratories, SteamVR in version 2.0, refresh of the Steam mobile application, extension of the Steam internet cafe program or a new functionality that is better to support game soundtracks.

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Source: Steam