You will not believe which operating systems are most often attacked

the most dangerous system

No surprise.

It is said that some operating systems are safer than others. This is true and is perfectly demonstrated by the results of the latest analysis carried out by Devcon, which looked at the issue of harmful ads. It will not surprise anyone that Linux is more secure than Windows, but have you ever wondered what the podium of the most dangerous OS can look like when considering mobile systems?

You will be amazed.

Devcon Detect reports that as much as 60.7% of all ads targeted Windows users. Currently, around the world under the control of various versions of this OSu ca. billion devicesso it's no wonder this group of people is at greatest risk. A kind of surprise, however, is that he came in second … Chrome OS. As much as 22.5% of all malicious ads were targeted at Google system users. Third place was taken by MacOS, which targeted 10.5% of advertising malware

Where is Android in all this ?!

Well … just for iOS! It turned out that 3.2% of malicious ads are created with the Apple mobile system in mind. Android was only in fifth place with a score of 2.1%, which allowed it to be on the list just before iPadOS (0.8%) and Linux (0.3%).

Devcon detect

Are you surprised I am absolutely not on the Windows issue, but shocking for me is the relatively small number of threats for Android users. With such a large user base … who would expect?

Source: Devcon Detect