You get the Microsoft Edge Chromium web browser through Windows Update

Microsoft Edge Chromium download windows 10

You can prevent it.

Time passes relentlessly. The Microsoft Edge web browser will soon be replaced by a newer, better and faster version. We just learned how Microsoft Edge running on the Chromium engine will go to computers with the system Windows 10.

Installation of Microsoft Edge Chromium can be avoided. Question for what?

Microsoft in the documentation section of its website announced that Edge Chromium for Windows 10 will be distributed using Windows Update. Individual users will receive the program as an update, which they will not accept in theory. Thinking primarily about business users, the Redmond giant will create a special installation blocking toolkit. Interestingly, representatives of the American company say that individual users will also be able to use the toolkit.

"The next version of Microsoft Edge is above all more frequent and convenient updates. Because browser versions are not associated with major versions of Windows, the necessary changes will be made to the operating system to ensure that the next version of Microsoft Edge fits into the OS without problems. Updates major releases will be released around a six-week cycle. Security and compliance updates will be distributed when needed. ", we read in the message.

The premiere of Microsoft Edge Chromium in Windows 10 next year

New Microsoft Edge Chromium will be available in January 2020. Its distribution to subsequent Windows 10 users will take place over the next weeks, most likely until the end of February. The new application will automatically replace the old Edge with the Edge HTML engine in all places of the system – on the Start menu, on tiles, shortcuts and the taskbar.

Microsoft says that advanced users will still be able to install the Canary, Dev and Beta versions in parallel with the stable version of the program.

Source: Microsoft