You don't get over your recurring expenses? This application will help you

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Big money and how to find it.

Adult life is not easy. Among the avalanche of various duties, one of the more onerous is the need to pay various types of bills and subscribe to services. In the case of subscriptions, this process is usually automated. Other recurring charges can often be regulated by direct debit. However, you have to remember about many payments and make them manually. You'll control all of these expenses with the free Billey app.

Billey can be treated not only as a reminder, but also a practical app for managing your home budget. The manager allows you to conveniently organize payments in one place. The clearly designed interface allows you to take a look at which day to settle the invoice. Billey will also tell you how much money you spend on fixed fees each month or year. The practical tool supports many different currencies.

The application offers login using data from Facebook or Google, but you can also use it completely anonymously. In the last case, however, one should take into account that the data will not be synchronized between Billey installed on different devices, and if the tool is uninstalled, the data will be lost forever.

The user has the option of specifying the period of time the payment is made and whether the subscription renews automatically. Of course, nothing prevents you from setting up alerts about the need to make specific payments. You can track all your expenses on the easy-to-read statistics screen.

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Remember that Big money often comes from small savings. Use the app if only to realize how much money you spend on various fixed fees.

You can download the Billey application via our file base or directly from the Apple application store.