You can't miss it! Hykker Smart Home intelligent lighting system today in Biedronka

Hykker Smart Home Biedronka

Interesting products, good prices.

Today, interesting Hykker accessories will hit the shelves of the Biedronka store chain. I am talking about the intelligent lighting system Hykker Smart Home, which includes a total of four products – two models of intelligent light bulbs, a 3-meter RGB LED strip and an intelligent socket. All at very affordable prices.

Smart Home Hykker from Biedronka

All devices can be managed from the dedicated Hykker Smart Home application for Android smartphones and tablets. You can adjust the color or color temperature of the light, set lighting hours and read the power consumption of devices connected to the socket. The equipment has even been integrated with the Google Assistant.

7W Smart Bulb with Wi-Fi and Smart RGBW 9W light bulb with Wi-Fi are LED bulbs with E27 thread. Hykker 7W bulb emits white light with a color temperature in the range of 2700-6000 K. Its power corresponds to the power of the bulb 50 W. RGBW 9W bulb allows you to generate white or colored light from a palette of 16 million colors. Is the equivalent of a classic 60 W light bulb.

Smart Bulb 9W RGBW with WiFi Hykker Smart Home

An interesting accessory is smart RGB LED Wi-Fi strip. A 300-centimeter long tape equipped with 90 diodes is mounted on an adhesive surface. It is splashproof (IPX4 certified), which allows it to be used, for example, in the kitchen. The colors of the 100-240 V tape are controlled from the app.

Smart LED strip 3M WiFi Hykker Smart Home

The last of the accessories is Smart Socket with energy meter, allowing you to keep an eye on your electricity costs. It acts as an "adapter" between the wall socket and subsequent electrical devices up to 3300 W. From the Hykker Smart Home application, the socket can be turned off remotely, a timer can be designed, or electricity consumption can be viewed. The socket is accompanied by an illuminated switch.

Smart WiFi socket with Hykker Smart Home energy meter

The prices of Hykker Smart Home accessories are:

  • 7W Smart Bulb with Wi-Fi – usd 39.99
  • Smart RGBW 9W light bulb with Wi-Fi – usd 49.99
  • Smart RGB LED Wi-Fi strip – 99 zlotys
  • Smart Wi-Fi socket with energy meter – 59.90 usd

Source: Hykker