You can transfer 5 zlotys to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity without spending even one zloty

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All thanks to MasterCard.

The 28th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is in progress. On January 12, volunteers with cans came out on the streets of Polish streets, and this year they are helping to raise money for the purchase of devices that help save the lives and health of children during the surgery. Yesterday I informed you that support the Foundation not only by throwing money into cans and taking part in online auctions, but also from the level the official WOŚP application. Once again, thanks to MasterCard, you can also support this noble idea with money on the Internet, without even spending a zloty on it. How?

5 zlotys for a tweet with the hashtag # MASTERCARDGRAZWOŚP from MasterCard

MasterCard again organized an action in which for each tweet and retweet sent today with the hashtag # MASTERCARDGRAZWOŚP he transfers usd 5 to the account of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. If you think that by sending 100 such tweets you will fund the Foundation's account with usd 500, unfortunately you are wrong. One account can "give" a maximum of usd 5. Of course, there will probably be those who want to set up multi-accounts just to express their support even more. Truth?


In Poland, Twitter is not a very popular medium, but despite this, last year the post with the appropriate hashtag was shared 32,962 times. Thanks to this, MasterCard could transfer over usd 165,000 to the Foundation's account.

It is worth mentioning that MasterCard submitted the original for the auction a car from the Knight Rider series. KITT is a heavily modified Pontiac Trans Am from 1983. The amount currently displayed at his auction is usd 85,300.

How to help WOŚP? There are lots of ways

It `s worth to help.