You can no longer read digital versions of magazines in Google News

google news end


Magazines are slowly becoming a niche medium – the main reason for this is brutal displacement from the market by the development of technology and the Internet. And it's not even about physical magazine editions, but even digital ones. This is evidenced by the recent Google statement on the title information.

Google has been developing the News service since 2012, which allowed, among others to subscribe to a specific magazine from a selected publisher. The Moutain View giant has signed contracts with over 200 newspaper ownerswhich was really impressive. Unfortunately, those times are over and the company is withdrawing the option of buying new digital magazines.

If you're a Google News user, don't worry – you'll still have access to previously purchased magazines. Moreover, money spent on letters in the last days will be returned to you in full. So what if you want to continue to subscribe to a particular magazine?

In this case Google advises you to go to the selected publisher's website and buy a subscription directly on the website. There is no other option, which will probably reject subsequent users from the standard press.

Source: Engadget