You can enable the startup sound in Windows 10 – see how

how to enable windows 10 startup sound

A simple way.

If you have recently decided to abandon Windows 7 in favor of Windows 10, then you are certainly getting used to the many new features. One of the more noticeable changes, manifesting themselves already at the stage of starting the system, is the lack of sound characteristic of each OS version of the accompanying boot. Experienced computer users are able to associate all Microsoft systems with some specific sound played when the desktop appears, and here … silence. There is a way.

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We turn on the Windows 10 start sound

It literally separates you from activating the sound at system startup few clicks. Do not think that Microsoft developers went to the easy way and did not add the appropriate audio files. They added it, but it was turned off by default, so that the Windows 10 user had the impression of a faster booting, even more minimalistic system. Let's turn it on.

1. Right click on the Start Menu and select the drop down list "Settings".

windows 10 sound autostart 1

2. In the next window, select "System".

windows 10 sound autostart 2

3. Now select from the list on the left "Sound" and select the option in the window on the right "Sound control panel".

windows 10 sound autostart 3

4. In the window that appears, click on the tab named "Sounds". Now you are interested in the field named "Play Windows Sound – Startup". Mark the box next to it.

windows 10 sound autostart 4

Curiosity: the sound accompanying Windows 10 boot is the sound from … Windows NT 6.x (Vista 8.1).

As you can see Microsoft for some strange reason completely unnecessarily hides the option of enabling the sound. At the moment, there is no easy way to replace the default audio theme, but maybe in one of the upcoming updates the Redmond giant will add the appropriate function.

How do you like the sound of the Windows 10 autostart? Will you turn it on or would you prefer to stay running in a way "noiseless"?