You can download 20 paid games and Android applications for free now

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Limited time promotions.

We have prepared another list of promotions from Google Play.

This time we recommend some interesting games: Bouncer Story, Crisis of the Middle Ages, Rescue the Enchanter and Emoji Match: A Sliding Puzzle. In addition, it's worth downloading the Accumulator PDF Creator application to convert PDF documents.

As usual, we remind you that promotions are limited in time. Therefore, it is worth hurrying with assigning the application to your Google account.

Free games:

  1. Bouncer Story (usd 18.99)
  2. Emoji Match: A sliding puzzle (3.39 usd)
  3. Crisis of the Middle Ages (9.39 usd)
  4. 2048 – Space Puzzle (usd 10.99)
  5. Rescue the Enchanter (usd 18.99)
  6. Kids Farm Game – Poco (usd 9.69)
  7. IQ Test: Intelligence Test (9.39 usd)
  8. Super God Blade VIP: Spin the Ultimate Top! (usd 11.99)
  9. Superhero Fruit Premium: Robot Wars Future Battles (usd 9.09)
  10. Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword – Shadow Action RPG (usd 9.19)

Free applications:

  1. Camera and Microphone Blocker (usd 16.99)
  2. Simple Photo Widget (usd 1.79)
  3. Accumulator PDF creator (usd 17.99)
  4. PDF creator and editor pro (3.79 usd)
  5. PDF converter and editor (3.79 usd)
  6. Resume Pro – CV Editor (usd 22.99)

Free wallpaper and icon packs:

  1. Amons – Icon Pack (usd 1.79)
  2. Shimu – Icon Pack (usd 1.79)
  3. Rest – Icon Pack (usd 1.79)
  4. Oil Paint Icon (usd 10.99)

Source: Google Play