You are no longer anonymous. The police probably have your pictures


New software in the security service.

Many people are still not fully aware of how "intelligent" artificial intelligence algorithms are today. To find out, just go to the Google Photos service (if you use it), and in the search field enter phrases such as "dog", "animal" or "car". You will quickly find that the algorithms developed by the Mountain View company will find surprisingly precise images in the photo collection. Now imagine that the police can identify criminals and suspects in the same way. However, he does not have to enter any phrases for this purpose, and simply upload the photo of the wanted one.

Artificial Intelligence searches for faces

Clearview AI was born of illegal activity, but the FBI doesn't care

The company called Clearview AI was founded by 31-year-old Hoan Ton-Thata from Australia. An enterprising man was well aware that information is a commodity, so … he began to save photos publicly available on the web and combine them with the profiles from which they were downloaded. Although sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter prohibit crawling activities, Ton-That didn't really care.

Over time, Ton-That has automated the process, thus building a base that currently has 3 billion images, reports in a special New York Times report. If you have ever uploaded your photo to the Internet, then you are most likely in this database. While collecting data, an application was created that helps to recognize faces in photos and associate them with previously indexed profiles and photos in the database. You probably already know how it all works.

Show me the picture and I will tell you everything about you

In terms of database size, Clearview even embarrasses an application created internally by the FBI. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has a resource of just under 650 million photographs. As indicated in the New York Times report, agents are currently searching the Clearview database on a daily basis, because it is a more perfect solution. Clearview AI is not only used to catch terrorists, but even small shoplifting thieves.

Artificial Intelligence searches for FBI faces

The principle of the program is very simple. Identifying the person visible on the recording from the crime scene can be difficult for a human being, but not for artificial intelligence. The faciata of an offender immortalized in a photo or video is served to SI, which searches available and described databases in search of an identical face on one of the photos previously published on the Internet. It is not uncommon that the result of the search is a photograph of the same person associated with a link to the profile on the social networking site Facebook or another medium that makes it easier for law enforcement authorities to accurately track the thug.

If Clearview falls into the wrong hands …

Clearview AI was reportedly created especially for police use. However, the existence of such a powerful record base raises legitimate concerns that it may end up in the wrong hands. It should not surprise anyone that the European Union is considering introducing a five-year ban on the use of facial recognition technology in the Old Continent. MEPs want to give time to the legislatures of individual countries to prepare appropriate provisions that will avoid situations in which this solution could be abused.

Source: New York Times