Yanosik with a new feature that drivers with a heavy leg will love

yanosik unmarked patrols 2

Yanosik has become even better.

It seems that all car drivers in Poland have just got another good reason to install the Yanosik application on their smartphone. A popular warning program for speed cameras and traffic jams will now even more effectively warn against unmarked police patrols.

Warnings about unmarked patrols in the Yanosik app host in visual and sound form, making it difficult to overlook them. Until now, drivers were warned only about the brand of the unmarked police car – now they will be additionally informed about the place where it was registered.

yanosik unmarked patrols

"We took care of the appropriate visualization, which does not distract the driver. Just look at the bar in the application where the notification is displayed. In the case of notifications about unmarked, there is also information such as the car model, place of notification or a specific distance to this location. The arrow will also indicate the direction to the point ", comments Paweł Bahyrycz, Yanosik. "In addition to the graphic creation, the driver will receive a message in audio form. The lector will inform about the location of the notification of unmarked with accuracy to the street or road number", he adds.

The Yanosik application update has already been made available to users. You can download the Yanosik program for free on Android and iOS smartphones.