Xiaomi tests 120 Hz OLED panels. Do you know what this means?

Xiaomi 120 Hz screen

Really good news.

When I noticed that one of the Chinese leaksters wrote about the OLED screens tested internally by Xiaomi with a frame refresh rate of 120 Hz my heart beat faster. I thought for a moment that the Chinese manufacturer will soon introduce to European markets not only inexpensive Xiaomi Mi TV 4A and 4S TVs, but will soon present its first TV with an OLED panel.


… it's about smartphone screens. 120 Hz AMOLED screens in Xiaomi smartphones will be hosted next year. This is confirmed by the MIUI 11 Beta software code, which contains references to a refresh rate of just 120 Hz. I remind you that 90 Hz screens are currently used by OnePlus 7T, and uses a 120 Hz matrix ASUS ROG Phone 2.

xiaomi 120 Hz

Of course, it should not be expected that these types of screens will hit mid-range smartphones on the march. They will debut initially rather only in flagships – probably representatives of the Mi series, as well as in the new Xiaomi gaming smartphone. Will it also appear in the successors of Pocophone or Redmi K20? May!

PS Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro was detected touch at a frequency of 240 Hz – do not confuse this with the refresh rate of the image, which in this model is … 60 Hz.

Do Xiaomi smartphones really need screens with this refresh rate? In my opinion … not yet. Such panels have a negative impact on battery life, and this seems to be far more important than more than 60 frames visible in games and applications. Or maybe you have a different opinion?

Source: CNBeta