Xiaomi statement after a row in the Mi Store Galeria Mokotów. The company announces the resumption of the promotion


This time online.

The Polish branch of Xiaomi issued an official statement regarding the incidents in Mi Store Galeria Mokotów. We would like to remind you that there were so many customers in the shopping mall that were overpriced, that there were scuffles and even security fights, so the organizer decided to close the store and cancel the sale. Photos and videos of this event can be found in this post.

Xiaomi has just announced this time will launch an online sale (we will know the details tomorrow, i.e. on Wednesday, December 18th, at 12.00) and it seems that this is a reasonable idea. At most, customers will push into "cliques" and there will be no acts of violence. Below we present the content of the declaration in full.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Last Saturday, December 14, 2019, a special Christmas promotion was organized at Mi Store Galeria Mokotów, which aimed to increase brand awareness about the new Mi Store location in Warsaw. The promotion covered over 1,600 products at special prices. Products were available in limited quantities, which was communicated in the promotion regulations posted on social media.

When planning the event, certain steps were taken to prepare the store for an increased number of customers that day, including the amount of service and protection in the shopping center has been increased. As you know, interest in promotion has exceeded all expectations. In the interests of customer safety, we were forced to take appropriate measures. Due to the growing queue, it was decided that the store would open earlier, i.e. at 8:40 so that the first people in the queue can make a purchase. 143 people took advantage of the promotion. Out of concern for the safety of people waiting to enter the store, together with representatives of Galeria Mokotów, around 10:15 we decided to close the Mi Store. On Sunday, December 15, 2019, the salon was reopened.

As previously announced, the Christmas promotion will resume and will be conducted online. We will inform about its details tomorrow, i.e. on Wednesday, December 18, until 12.00

At Xiaomi, we always put the good of our brand fans first. We are sorry that last Saturday some customers could not take advantage of the holiday offer and experienced the disadvantages associated with a large number of people interested in the promotion. As a company, we will draw important conclusions from the situation.

Information on the details of the promotion will be given tomorrow on the official Xiaomi Poland profile.

Source: Xiaomi