Xiaomi sells an extraordinary keyboard for women – you can buy it now

Xiaomi LoFree Lipstick 1

This is not a joke.

It is often said that if you want to buy anything, you will definitely find it in the Xiaomi offer. The Chinese manufacturer has such a wide product range that it is increasingly difficult to find any gaps in it. You can buy a laptop from Xiaomi, a phone, screwdrivers, towels, shoes, intelligent litter bins – almost everything you can think of. For some time, the Chinese giant has also offered a keyboard for women. "What is this idiocy ?!", you will probably shout with one voice. "How can such equipment as the keyboard be dedicated to such a target group?", many of you will ask. Let me answer with a photo:

Xiaomi LoFree Lipstick 2

This is how it looks Xiaomi LoFree Lipstick, which costs just over $ 100 a keyboard stylized as a woman's lipstick palette. The accessory resembling a rather eye shadow palette consists of 79 keys and has no numeric block. All keys are backlit. Nice?

Xiaomi LoFree Lipstick 4

Xiaomi LoFree Lipstick is based on membrane switches and connects to devices using Bluetooth technology. The keyboard is powered by a 4000 mAh battery, which means that it works fully wirelessly despite the fact that the set also includes a cable that allows establishing a wired connection.

Xiaomi LoFree Lipstick 3

5-hour charging is to allow up to a week of continuous operation with maximum backlight of the keys. Reducing it below 50% will extend this time, allegedly up to 21 days.

This is certainly not the most readable of the keyboards available, but maybe some ladies will like it? Or maybe men too? Don't be shy, Xiaomi LoFree Lipstick you buy cheap for example in this place, on AliExpress.