Xiaomi sells a gadget that will make smartphones more efficient

xiaomi fan for smartphones

Cheap, useful (?) Accessory.

New smartphones Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro they are not the only gadgets that a well-known Chinese producer presented yesterday in China. On the occasion of the debut of new flagships, the Chinese giant decided to present a gadget that is created for people expecting from their smartphone the highest performance – for example, while playing games. I'm talking about … a little coaster.

Xiaomi fan for smartphones was presented as an interesting addition to the flagship Xiaomi Mi 10, but it can also work well with other smartphones with a width of 67 to 88 mm. Its main task is, of course, cooling the housing space, at the height of which rest components generating high temperatures under load. The accessory is to prevent the phenomenon of throttling, as a result of which the computing power of smartphones decreases at high, long-term load.

xiaomi fan 2

The 5-blade fan spins at up to 6,000 rpm, but is expected to generate noise levels of just 30 dB. If you believe the manufacturer's assurances, the fan is able to cool the temperature of the components in your smartphone by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Priced at 129 yuan, i.e. less than 80 zlotys The gadget is powered via its own USB Type-C port with a power of 10 W.

Are you tempted Or maybe this is another style gadget in your opinion "buy and throw in a corner"? In fact, there are not many games that would force the hottest devices today to "hiccup", but repeatedly published tests on the network have already shown that prolonged loading of the smartphone reduces its performance. Have you ever felt it?