Xiaomi Oppo and Vivo are preparing a surprise for everyone

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A small revolution to increase our convenience.

People using iPhones almost certainly know the benefits of AirDrop – it allows you to easily share and transfer a file to another phone or computer. Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo are working on a similar solutionwhich will be made available to users of Android smartphones. How does the new feature work? Quickly and efficiently. The technologies used to build it are also not very complicated.

Apple AirDrop uses connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transfer files. The whole will work very similarly also with Chinese producers. Currently, there is no such feature on Android devices that would be able to be a real alternative to Apple technology – all this will change, however.

The official press release from the Middle Kingdom indicates that Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo create a kind of peer-to-peer transmission alliance, to provide users with unparalleled file transfer capabilities. The new system does not yet have a specific name, but will use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transfer data.


Despite using the Wi-Fi module, the system will not disconnect users from their internet connection – you will be able to continue using it despite data transfer. Manufacturers boast that files will be transferred at speeds up to 20 Mb / s. In the future, these values ​​may vary depending on the devices themselves.

Oppo (owner of brands such as Realme and OnePlus), Vivo and Xiaomi they sell hundreds of millions of devices every year, which suggests that shared file sharing may become a real hit among users. The first devices with this functionality will be available from February this year.

It is not known if the file transfer system will go to other users in the form of an appropriate update will it be reserved only for some equipment.

Source: twitter