Xiaomi is delaying the premiere of his futuristic smartphone

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It's easy to forget that Xiaomi was the brand that set the (now obvious) trend of frameless smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer did this on the occasion of the premiere of the first generation Mi Mix phone. In September 2019, Xiaomi presented a strongly futuristic equipment concept – the Mi Mix Alpha model. The phone was to be marketed, but the latest information indicates that this moment will be delayed. You don't really know why.

Unlike previous smartphones from the Mi Mix series, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has been stripped of any frames and, better yet, side edges. The screen was curved around the entire case and was supposed to allow interaction regardless of the place. Despite the promise of Xiaomi representatives from December 2019, Mi Mix Alpha still did not appear on the market. It is true that the equipment was available for a while in online stores, but … disappeared. However, the Chinese giant confirms that the Mi Mix Alpha project has not failed and we can expect it.

However, the company cannot provide a specific date on which to buy this device. However, it is worth remembering that Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha will not be introduced to mass production – probably only a few hundred or several thousand pieces of equipment will appear on the market for the most determined and willing users.

The manufacturer will place a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of data space in the UFS 3.0 standard under the Mi Mix Alpha housing. All this will be accompanied by a triple camera configuration with a 108 megapixel matrix.

There is nothing else to do but wait for the official premiere. There is no point in thinking that Mi Mix Alpha will be available for purchase in our country.

Source: SlashGear