Xiaomi intelligent ear cleaner with a built-in camera now on sale

Xiaomi Bebird M9 Pro

Yes really

Cleaning ears with sticks is a risky activity. Doctors warn against pushing earwax deeper into the ear canal and the possibility of perforating the eardrum. If you still clean your ears in this way, then you should consider buying a device that will make your actions more effective and safer. This is where the reliable Xiaomi brand comes in handy.

Xiaomi Bebird M9 Pro is the latest device in the offer of the Chinese manufacturer, which was valued at 289 yuan, i.e. the equivalent of approx. usd 140. It can be safely called the "ear stick" for 2019. Sold together with a set of properly shaped tips facilitates the removal of excess wax from the ears.

Xiaomi Bebird M9 Pro 2

An ear cleaner is delivered to the buyer along with the docking station and is powered by a 350 mAh battery. Why this battery? Well, the gadget has a small endoscope illuminated with LED, which after pairing with a special application sends the image of the inside of the cleaned ear straight to the smartphone. Smart right?

See how Xiaomi Bebird M9 Pro works on the video below.

The equipment will soon go to the first stores. You will certainly find it, among others on AliExpress.

Source: Xiaomi