Xiaomi has opened 100 new Mi Store … at one time

mi store china 1

And all this in China.

There are currently 14 Mi Store outlets in Poland (all were opened within a year and a half). This figure may seem hilariously low if we look at the Asian market. The Chinese producer breaks all records there. In October, the company opened more than 500 Mi Store stores in India at one time. Can you imagine that?

Thus, the manufacturer was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. It would seem, then, that Xiaomi will refrain slightly from the mass opening of new branches. Nothing could be more wrong. China has just enriched Fr. 100 new Mi Store stores, where consumers can now buy popular devices. They were all launched at the same time.

Xiaomi can currently boast over 6,000 branches around the world. Something seems to me that the company will not stop there – since Chinese products are constantly in demand, the manufacturer will probably surprise us with more stores in January. I wonder how many new Mi Store will be created in Poland.

Let's hope that we will never again witness the events that have happened yet this month just happened in a Xiaomi store in Warsaw.

Source: Gizmochina