Xiaomi has dethroned Huawei in Poland! A revolution on the smartphone market

xiaomi is ahead of huawei smartphones poland

A great surprise!

Huawei maybe in a global perspective ahead of Apple in selling smartphones, but in Poland the situation is slightly different. According to the latest IDC data, shared on Twitter via the @marekkujda account, Huawei in Poland in the fourth quarter of 2019 recorded a decrease in shares. Xiaomi took advantage of the situation, which can boast of almost gigantic growth on the Polish market.

According to the latest data, Xiaomi has as much as 22.9% share on the Polish smartphone market. The increases were not only at the expense of the third Huawei currently, which fell from around 23% to 20.6%. The situation worsened also in the case of Samsung with approx. 40% shares in the third quarter of 2019, which in the fourth quarter of the previous year had a share of 32.3%.

Shares in the smartphone market in Poland at the end of 2019 they were as follows:

  • Samsung – 32.3%
  • Xiaomi – 22.9%
  • Huawei – 20.6%
  • Apple – 9.9%
  • Motorola – 3.7%

xiaomi is ahead of huawei
Source: IDC via @marekkujda

If Huawei fails to convince consumers of the otherwise interesting ecosystem of its applications, then the position of the Chinese giant may continue to weaken. According to the latest rumors However, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi can join forces to break Google's monopoly, which would certainly improve their share in key markets.