Xiaomi cameras show camera pictures to strangers. Google reacts


A colossal error on the side of Xiaomi.

Wyze is not the only company that has failed in recent days. "Set-up" is not the right word for what has just happened to Xiaomi's customers.

It turned out that intelligent cameras included in the smart home ecosystem they were sending images from cameras … to strangers! It may be hard to believe, but this was exactly what happened Google just confirmed.

By saying a command "OK Google, show the image from my camera in the kitchen" towards the device Google Nest Hub you should see it … yes, a picture from the webcam located in the place where meals are prepared. Meanwhile, Reddit users began to report that in response to their queries, Google Next Hub was displaying images from Xiaomi Mijia cameras from around the world.

These can be linked to a Google account and Google / Nest devices through the Xiaomi Mi Home app. Interestingly, the screens of the devices did not show live broadcasts, but single, frozen frames with the date and time of their capture from random locations.

xiaomi webcam shows others 2

Most of the photographs contained a strange kind of visual artifacts in the form of horizontal lines, snow and other effects straight from horror movies. Suffice it to say that for some reason all the photos were black and white. One could see among the photos sleeping people, newborns in their cots and events that shouldn't be obvious to strangers.

2020-01-02 215450

2020-01-02 215353

With your pictures in thread on Reddit several different people shared. At first, Internet users could be suspected of trolling, but the case was reported to Xiaomi and Google and … Google has confirmed that something is wrong with Xiaomi.

The Mountain View giant issued a message in which it informs about disabling integration with Xiaomi devices on their equipment.

If you use Xiaomi cams then … maybe you'd better turn them off until the Chinese manufacturer makes a statement.

Source: Reddit