Xiaomi began selling filter masks for children

xiaomi youpin f95 filtering mask

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Coronavirus outbreak in China is becoming wider and wider and has a real impact on events around the world. LG canceled the visit at MWC Polish Post has suspended shipments of parcels to China. In the Middle Kingdom, the situation is very difficult, and people in panic buy all types of face masks. On the wave of popularity of this type of accessories, the Youpin brand belonging to Xiaomi presented its new product.

Xiaomi Youpin F95 is a filtering mask created for the youngest. Its characteristic feature is that it allows much easier breathing than conventional adult masks. The mask is able to filter bacteria, viruses, PM2.5 dust (with an efficiency of approx. 95%), dust and other harmful substances of this type.

xiaomi youpin f95 facial mask

The accessory was created for children over 4 years of age. It was built of four different filter layers, retaining various types of particles. The manufacturer ensures that a special antibacterial nanocoating placed inside the mask prevents infections when applying the mask to the injured face.

The part of the filtering mask applied to the face is made of flexible siliconewhich is supposed to be pleasant to the touch and friendly in contact with the skin. The material can be disinfected with light detergents, of course excluding the replaceable filter.

The mask can be bought on the Xiaomi Youping platform for 199 yuan, i.e. the equivalent of approx. 120 zlotys.