Worst Windows Versions? Here are my TOP 5


Windows systems that disgust.

Personal computer users have been complaining about new versions of Windows for years, but the truth is that most of us can't imagine an alternative for them. Sure, there are plenty of great free Linux distributions, but some would prefer to bite off their hand rather than install a soft one, they are still a bit winking. Luckily, every PC user has a choice and can be stuck with the version of Windows he likes.

Over the years, I have used a lot of machines working under the control of various OSes. Several versions of Windows are stuck in my memory, which I became very disgusted with. Below I publish my private list of the worst Windows systems. Somehow, I put Windows 1.x on my journalistic duty, which I did not have to use, fortunately, but which is notorious enough not to be missing.

Windows 1.x

Windows 1

Okay, many of you probably expected some newer software in this list, but for the sake of history I just couldn't miss Windows 1.x. Debuting in 1985, Windows 1.01 was the first Microsoft system with a graphical interface. He looked terrible and acted even worse. Computers from that period did not have enough computing power to use it efficiently, and the monitors did not have sufficiently high resolution. Suffice it to say that it was difficult at that time to find applications that would work with this OS. At a time when Microsoft was kicking his forehead with Windows, System 2.1 flashed on the computers nice, which was distinguished by the AppleTalk protocol suite enabling the creation of computer networks and the HFS file system.

Windows XP

Warning, I put the stick in the anthill. I know you like Windows XP, I also liked it. In retrospect, I look at him a bit differently than I used to. On release day Windows XP it was a tragically bad system – only three more "service packs" made it software that most of us remember well. On the day of its release, Windows XP had as many as 30 zero-day exploits. How could anyone in this state allow the system to official distribution? Windows XP has been patched more often than any other modern Windows system, which says a lot about its construction.

Windows ME – Mistake Edition Millenium Edition

windows me

To this day, I wonder who at Microsoft came up with the crazy idea of ​​making millions available to millions of users around the world this … something. Windows ME (Millennium Edition) is called by many Windows Mistake Edition. Corporate accountants fired up their calculators and calculated that the most cost-effective move would be to release a system based almost entirely on Windows 98. People will buy it because "you know, millennium, new century, hehe!" For unknown reasons, Microsoft added some superfluous features, castrating the software, among others, the DOS mode, which many users still wanted to use. The showcase of Windows ME was unstable operation, numerous crashes, blue screens and performance problems in both OS and applications running on it.

Windows Vista

windows vista

The brick favorite of every combination of this type of guests is also on my private list. I know that soft has many die-hard defenders, but … no, just not. The expectations of patched up with several Windows XP service packs were huge. Many seem to think so vista it wasn't bad, only Windows XP was great. Well no. Vista had far too high hardware requirements for what computers were used at that time in the world. What is worse Microsoft pressed its system even on the cheapest laptopswhich he certified without a shadow of his embarrassment with his sticker. The nail in the casket was a lot of problems with the compatibility of drivers and software. It seems that Microsoft has changed more than it should and has not simply adapted it to current realities. Two years after the premiere of Vista, the giant from Redmond released Windows 7. Does that say a lot?

Windows 8

When I think about Windows 8, I have the Ecce Homo painting in front of me, which was renovated in 2012 by Cecilia Gimenez. You probably know the effect of this renovation. The fresco created by Elías García Martínez was quickly converted into a meme. Here is the meme in question:

I don't want a meme

That's how Windows 7 users reacted, on which Microsoft wanted to force a change to the first Windows created for touch devices. In the "eight" the crime chased the crime, and the worst of them was the removal of the Start Menu, which forced a completely non-intuitive computer operation for many. Okay, alone a few days ago I justified the need for the Start Menu in Windows 10but Windows 10 unlike Windows 8 it is well thought out and really friendly to use.

Microsoft so much wanted to change the habits of Windows 7 usersthat many of them stomped and used this software to this day, completely not trusting (unnecessarily) Windows 10.

Okay, what does your personal TOP3 or TOP5 hated Windows look like? Would you put any of the items from this list in it? Or maybe someone of you got stuck putting here his favorite OS? 😉