With the new deepfake app, you'll change your face on a gif in a few seconds

So far, quite a few applications have been created that use artificial intelligence to create so-called deepfake'ów. We have already dealt with app undressing women in the pictures, or changing the faces of actresses in adult movies. This time we would like to show you a fun and completely harmless application that is so easy to use that anyone can handle it. Thanks to it you can easily change your face on any gif of yours!

Application called Doublicat is available on Android and iOS completely free. It uses artificial intelligence called RefaceAI – a GAN-type neural network (generative opposing network) – to create hilarious conversions. All you have to do is take a photo of your face in the application and then choose the GIF in which you would like to place it.

Doublicat download

Doublicat will literally stick your face in a few seconds. You can easily save such a modification in the smartphone's memory and use it as an alternative to the original GIF, for example when talking with friends. The algorithm is generally good at pasting facsat, although with some GIFs the effects may be slightly better than with others.

Many users complain about the relatively low quality of modifications, but hey! The app is completely free, and on the screen of the smartphone the processed images look really decent. You can see the effects of my fun below and above.

The CEO of the company responsible for creating Doublicat claims that the app does not use the three-dimensional face model, unlike many other apps. "Most deepfakes use the technique we gave up over a year ago. I'm talking about 3D masks, facial reconstruction and texture mixing. This solution can only work with previously collected and pre-processed content and may work incorrectly when mimicing facial expressions. and during movement ", explain.

At this point, many of you are certainly asking yourself questions about the privacy of photos uploaded to the application's memory. Well, the application only needs permission to use the camera – nothing more. The company claims that the application removes the photo and the conversion from its servers as soon as it sends it to the smartphone.

"The application processes photos of people and removes them immediately. We only store face embedding – vector representations of facial features – which we don't share with anyone "we read.

The Doublicat Android app can be downloaded via our application database. The app for iOS systems is available in the Apple app store. Have fun!