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Windows Defender also appears on … macOS


Just a few days ago, Microsoft released the official Windows Defender Application Guard extension that will launch potentially dangerous sites in an isolated environment in Chrome and Firefox. Now the giant from Redmond is even widening the horizons for Windows Defender … In fact, Microsoft Defender. The change was needed because of making the software available on macOS.

Firms can already get early access to preview version of Defender ATP for Mac computers with MacOS Mojave, High Sierra, or Sierra. The software includes the same preventive protection, post-infringement detection and automated testing and response tools as its counterpart in Windows. Just like the mac version of Office, Defender will use Microsoft AutoUpdate to be able to download all updates and patches as soon as possible.

Macos windows defender
Macos windows defender

MacOS has always been considered a non-virus system that is really harmless. In recent years, however, this is changing – macOS is becoming less resistant to attacks, and users are less and less secure. This may be one of the reasons why the Defender is available for this operating system. Another could be to facilitate the work of IT administrators – after all, managing both macOS and Windows devices simultaneously, it would be much simpler to have this element shared, right?

In addition, along with the new version, the preview version of TVM – Threat and Vulnerability Management. This function was created to alert administrators about security vulnerabilities.

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