Windows 10 with subsequent "ads". Microsoft won't rest until you use the Edge browser


Here we go again.

As you may remember, in January we informed you about the Microsoft foundation plan implementation of Office ads into the WordPad editor. Opinions about this "novelty" were (and are still still) somewhat divided – some users categorically disagreed with the giant's decision, and some had no problem with it.

In the title of the entry, I put the word "ads" in quotation marks for a reason. Microsoft is slowly implementing to Windows 10 another way to attract consumers to use one of its services. So some may call the group's policy not very user-friendly, but some will see nothing wrong with it.

windows 10 1

As some people using Windows 10 have noticed, the System Start Menu constantly suggests installing a new browser Microsoft Edge. These types of proposals have been appearing for a long time, but they have not rarely involved services from other developers. However, the text that appears next to the application icon is more offensive. He says: "Are you still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is already here ". So we are dealing with a not very friendly incentive, which – at least in my opinion – should not appear in the software.

I have nothing against Microsoft suggesting its own applications – I support it. However, when it comes to unpleasant stinging, it's hard to agree.

Source: SlashGear