Windows 10 for free for Windows 7 and 8. Users Will you use?

Windows 10 for free

Take advantage while you can.

It is fast approaching THIS DAY. The day on which Microsoft will eventually end support for Windows 7 and stop providing security updates for it. According to the latest data, the popular Red OS giant from Redmond currently uses up to 26.90% of all computers. We know that many of you stubbornly stick to a system that will become potentially dangerous on January 14, 2020. And what would you say if I said you could upgrade Windows 7 to "tens" for free? Sounds tempting, right?

Windows 10 is free for owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 10 was offered free of charge for the first year since its release to all owners of legal versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This was only in theory, because Windows 10 is still available for free in the form of improvements, as regularly reported by system users from around the world since December 2017. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to a newer version can be improved by each of you. How?

only need to download the Media Creation Tool from our file database, and then enter the product key for the already installed Windows in one of the older versions. After upgrading OS to a newer version, you'll get a digital license for Windows 10 – it's that easy!

On Reddit, a surfer claiming to be an employee of the American giant says that Microsoft was planning from the beginning that older versions of the system could be upgraded to newer versions for more than a year. The threat of the possibility of improving time-limited was supposedly just a marketing game.

windows 7 support

If somehow the method described above does not work, we refer you to our article "Windows 10 free (or half-free)? Can be! Here are some ways", in which we describe more ways to get cheap or free Windows 10.

Source: Reddit