Will the new regulations force Facebook to share conversations with the British police?

fb messengerMaximum security or the highest control?

Many of us live in the mistaken belief that we have at least some privacy when using applications like Messenger. Meanwhile, any protection of our conversations against external access is possible only in the case of encrypted conversations End-to-End, available among others in the form secret conversations. However, this can change …

This is United Kingdom, please decipher this conversation …

According to the information obtained by The times and Bloomberg, an agreement is to be signed in October between The United States and United Kingdom. Thanks to him, the United Kingdom can force on facebook and other social networks providing authorities with encrypted user conversations.

Of course, the purpose of such an agreement is legitimate (well, at least the official one). The ability to access encrypted messages is to be used in case of suspicion pedophilia whether terrorism. However, it raises quite reasonable fears.

Privacy? Only after safety.

Let's be clear: yes, there are certainly units that use the security of their Facebook conversations for a not-so-legal purpose. However, is the legal obligation of the company to create back gate is it safe for the authorities for the consumer? Well no. Why? Because the existence of a backdoor is an opportunity to gain access by both security services and hackers.

So how – not for the first time with the rest – we can see user safety and privacy are placed under the security of the general public. Is that good

Source: Bloomberg. The times