Will PlayStation 5 be more expensive than expected? Sony is struggling to prevent this from happening

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The Sony PlayStation 5 console will be officially presented in 2020. The latest Bloomberg report indicates that the producer is trying reduce final equipment costs at all costs. It turns out that the prices of individual components may translate into the fact that PlayStation 5 will be more expensive than originally assumed. Sony is to do everything to prevent this from happening. Maintaining a competitive price at the start will be a very important indicator of the success of the equipment itself.

Bloomberg reveals that PlayStation 5 can cost up to $ 450 each – for comparison, PlayStation 4 was priced at $ 380 at the time of release. So the difference is big. Market analysts have another opinion – according to them Japanese equipment will be valued at $ 470. This can be an obstacle to obtaining satisfactory sales results.

The price increase of the console is to be caused problems with the price of DRAM and flash memorythat will be used on a massive scale in PlayStation 5. Component costs are expected to be higher. The same applies to the new cooling system, which is to prevent the equipment from getting too hot during the game. With PlayStation 5, Sony will want to present it too new virtual reality kit – PSVR2.


Sony has recently boosted the atmosphere by promising that the new console will offer fast loading time and material handling from the moment it is taken out of the box. at a resolution of up to 8K. The equipment will also use the AMD processor from the Ryzen series.

In the era of the upcoming next-generation console from Microsoft, the Japanese will do everything to remain competitive and attract as many customers as possible. It is worth remembering that information from Bloomberg have not been officially confirmed.

For us, there is nothing else to do but wait for the official premiere of the equipment. May the rumors not be confirmed. It will be better this way – especially for our portfolio.

Source: Bloomberg