Wikipedia returns to Turkey after a three-year blockade. Freedom of speech won?

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Positive information.

I can't imagine Internet without Wikipedia – some of you will probably share this opinion. That is why it is extremely sad that the inhabitants of Turkey have not had access to this extremely popular portal for the last three years. The blockade occurred in April 2017 due to the presence on Wikipedia of an article linking the country to terrorist groups.

It was then decided to use the law to block websites considered to be a threat to national security. The authorities' decision was revoked by the Turkish constitutional court last December. The court found the ban on Wikipedia to be incompatible with the Basic Law and ruled that the blockade violated freedom of expression.

Access to Wikipedia is being restored in Turkey. By the way, we have a great coincidence, because the Wikimedia foundation is celebrating its 19th birthday. In a special post, the site owners gave the following message:

"We are pleased that Turkish citizens will be able to participate again in the world's largest online conversation about Turkish culture and history. We also hope that they will continue to work actively to make Wikipedia a living source of information about Turkey and the world. "

Nothing but enjoy!

Source: Engadget