Why is Android better than iOS? 5 reasons


Indisputable arguments.

Do you know what many discussions are missing on the web? Objectivity. Fans of one solution try to shout over fans of alternative solutions, without giving any rational arguments that would not be characterized by subjective opinions. This is how wars between Windows and Linux enthusiasts, Intel and AMD, AMD and Nvidia, PCs and consoles as well as ketchup of Tortex and Włocławek brands often look like. Blah, blah.

Meanwhile one can argue quite culturally, citing particulars. I am quoting such specifics in this entry. I give you five strong arguments that Android is better than iOS. It may be a bitter pill to swallow for lovers of solutions from the Cupertino giant, but what to do? You don't argue with the facts. Or maybe you would like to enter into a polemic with me? I invite you.

ios vs android

Five arguments for choosing Android? Here you are.

ABOUThuge selection of smartphones at various prices

Are smartphone prices a reason to call Android a better system than iOS? Yes of course. Android can often be used for symbolic money. Smartphones with iOS are manufactured only by the company from Cupertino and there are no other alternatives for them. If you really want something with iOS and you want it to be a new smartphone at a reasonable price, then I have bad news: such a device does not exist. Prices of Apple premiere smartphones are usually in the range of about usd 3500-7200 and you will not jump over it in any way.

Of course, you can buy a used smartphone, but due to the low drop in prices of iPhones, for around usd 2,000 you will buy at most heavily passed earlier generation equipment. In the meantime, for around usd 2,000 you can easily buy the Android flagship from Xiaomi. Well, you may not need such a powerful device and buy yourself a nice "average" for a thousand. Is Android an advantage over iOS? Yes of course.

Battery life and charging time

Even the most hardened Apple fanbo must admit that the attitude of this manufacturer is absolutely embarrassing when it comes to the chargers added in the set with smartphones. We have 2019 and Apple stubbornly – for even the most expensive smartphones – adds chargers with a charging power of 5 W. Charging the iPhone 11 Pro battery with such a power supply is full so long that at that time you can charge three smartphones like Huawei P30 Pro and several others.

Why is it like that? It's obvious, Apple has in its offer an accessory charger with more power, for which you have to pay over 230 usd. Worst of all, iPhones are not record holders at all in terms of battery life – quite the opposite. They are not good in this matter. Again, you may be wondering if this is a software problem. Yes, because if you want to use iOS you have to deal with power shortcomings.

Database of free games and applications, freedom of their choice

There are slightly more applications in the Android app store than in the Apple store. Of course, you can write that on iOS better quality apps are created. Yes and no. One thing is undeniable: there are many more free applications available on Android. Do you want to use programs and games for free? No problem – if you find a paid tool, you will easily find a free alternative for it. Unlike iOS, Android also allows you to easily install applications from outside the store in the form of APK files (YouTube Vanced!). Often, these applications are just being developed, which have not yet premiered in the Play Store.

Another limitation imposed on iOS users is even the inability to change the default web browser. It's a bad thing when Android users can enjoy such rarities as Firefox Preview 3.0.

Android is an open source system

iOS is a closed system that only Apple can view and only Apple can use it. Have you just created your own smartphone? You can run Android on it, and you may also be able to start Linux. You won't use iOS software. The Apple software cannot be modified, personalized or modified in any way. In the case of Android, it's exactly the opposite. As open-source license product is available to everyone and everyone can adapt it to their individual needs. In fact, the best proprietary versions of Android bring colossal profits to their creators. What? Let me mention, for example, MIUI and CM, which has been popular for years.

In addition, Android after connecting the cable to the computer will be read simply as a disk from which you will be able to copy files. For iOS, additional software is required for data transfer.

Personalization of system appearance and custom ROMs

Android has widgets, iOS doesn't have them. In Android, you can create shortcuts to your favorite applications and even individual files on your desktop. On iOS? Forget it. Nothing prevents you from changing the look of the entire system by downloading a new launcher. Change of system theme? Please, just like icon packs, fonts and many other smaller details, with the desktop layout at the forefront. Android users using custom ROMs can also enjoy even better system optimization from a general or selected angle – for example, longer battery life. Android is freedom, and iOS is to look exactly as someone designed it.

Of course, the choice of an Android smartphone is associated with many more positives – the presence of memory cards, 3.5 mm audio jack connectors on selected phones, the presence of USB Type C, or the open NFC standard. Of course, iOS also has its undeniable advantages, but I also wrote here about the undeniable advantages of Android, right?

Or maybe you want to deny them?