Why don't you like Windows 10 so much? I love him (opinion)

Almost every Windows 10 publication is accompanied by comments in which Internet users criticize Microsoft. For some reason losing support at the beginning of 2020 Windows 7 is surrounded by such a great cult that its users for nothing in the world do not want to switch to a newer version of the software. I admit: I used to be one such person, but in retrospect, I switched to Windows 10 I do not regret. I also wonder why anyone would stick to software that will become dangerous in a few months?

Windows 10 is called an underdeveloped system and is full of errors. I do not quite agree with this, despite the fact that I regularly report to you about various errors, and why – I wrote about it in the text "I regularly hear errors in Windows 10. Seriously? It works for me", which I encourage you to read.

In a nutshell: system currently installed on over 900 million devices with different configurations it just has to occasionally cause minor problems resulting from human errors – that's how it is. I even think that Windows 10 is great (though not perfect) and I'm going to cite several arguments defending this thesis.

1. Windows 10 is fast

If you're stuck on Windows 7 all the time, you don't know what an instant boot system is. You can use the most efficient SSD drive, and your OS will start up a little longer than Windows 10 installed on the same drive. Ba, I'm not just talking about "fresh installation", but also a system that is already well cluttered. On the network you will find many tests that confirm this.

An additional advantage from my perspective are games that run a little more efficiently on Windows 10. As for the other application, I admit: it can be different. The results are so varied that in the case of application you probably won't feel the difference. Of course, there are a lot of tricks related to how you can speed up the system.

Curiosity: Tom's Hardware journalists managed to run Windows 10 in … 4.9 seconds.

2. Security

I know that many of you take safety issues carelessly. Still, you should know that Windows 10 is the safest Windows system ever. The Secure Boot function of Windows 8 has been refined, and the system itself has been designed in such a way that only the code digitally signed by Microsoft or other trusted hardware makers is executed during the boot process. Windows 10 can be configured so that this system can not be bypassed – in Windows 8 it was possible.

I don't even mention features like Windows Hello and Device Guard that further improve security issues.

3. Trouble-free, stable operation

I don't know what your experience with Windows 7 is, but I've often seen the blue screen of death in this system. Windows 10 scrambled a maximum of once over several years, which was only due to my error. In addition, I enjoy the trouble-free operation of OS and completely forgot about all sorts of "hangs" and reboots. You can say "you care, you do," but it guarantees you that I am not a pedantic person who cares about my system.

4. Smartphone integration with Android / iOS

Your Phone function it is really useful if you work on a computer and do not want to reach for your smartphone with the arrival of every message or notification. You can comfortably reply to messages and soon you will be able to receive and make phone calls from your computer. Your Phone application you can download to Windows 10 from our file base.

5. Start menu, interface and convenient navigation

start menu windows 10

One of the strengths of Windows 10 is for me a clear Start Menu with a list and tiles that I can reorganize, as well as trouble-free navigation through individual system functions. If I do not know how to get to a particular function, I type its name on the watch, and the search icon next to the Start Menu helps me. I am also a big fan of the transparent interface of Windows 10, which I find much more pleasing to the eye than the iconic UI of Windows 7.

6. Virtual desktops

virtual desktops

Until Windows 10, virtual desktops were known primarily from MacBooks. These prove to be extremely useful in a situation where we lack space on the screen. You can easily switch between individual virtual desktops, also using keyboard shortcuts. If Windows 10 is not only a fun tool for you, but also a work tool, you will most likely use this feature regularly.

7. Dark mode and easy personalization

dark mode

Yes, just like that. Dark mode is fashionable, convenient and helps save battery on mobile devices. I do not think that this is a killer feature and a great argument for switching to a newer solution, but it is an extremely popular feature that Windows 10 has thanks to the May Update. If you are lovers of personalization, then Windows 10 through a convenient wizard will allow you to customize your appearance to individual tastes.

I have been using the Internet for a long time and I know that many of you will look at this post as sponsored by Microsoft. So you must know that this is not a sponsored article, but only my thoughts. Of course, I have no monopoly on "right" – I just present my point. I can't find strong arguments for someone to stubbornly stick to an older and less perfect solution. Of course, I know the power of habit (it was in my case the main argument against Windows 10), financial considerations (though Windows 10 can still be picked up for free or half-free) and the main argument "because yes". I ask you if you find any other arguments for not using Windows 10 and staying with another Microsoft system. Or maybe the alternative to Windows 10 is simply Linux for you?

Remember that Windows 10 is currently a much better tool than it was at the time of its debut on the market. Perhaps it is worth giving it a try and installing its trial version?