Where to watch Polish movies for free on the Internet?


Several legal sources.

Popular website offering video on demand, VOD.pl, recently announced that it has enriched its library with new free items. Talking about over 100 iconic Polish filmsthat probably every representative of the older generation knows. Is there a catch? Yes, short ads appearing first before and then during the displayed material.

What can we find among the classic titles released on VOD.pl? Currently, you can watch free movies like "Kingsajz". "Sexmission". "Rate greater than life". "Va Bank". "How I Unleashed World War II" and more ambitious – like works "Knife in the water" and "Manuscript found in Zaragoza".

Where to watch Polish movies online for free?

There are at least several interesting websites. It draws attention immediately Ninateka.pl, which offers an extensive catalog, which includes feature films, documentaries and beautiful fairy tales. Right next to them in the archive are also theater performances and radio plays.

Polish movies for free 2

Another medium noteworthy is the Public Television website at cyfrowa.tvp.pl. At section "Digital reconstruction" you will find over 835 titles of feature films, documentaries, educational programs, series and TV Theater performances. This is of course an offer for people of all ages, but by showing this service to your grandparents you will do them a huge favor.

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If you're interested full versions of free YouTube videos, then you must know that there is a Polish channel that makes them available. I'm talking about the channel TOR Film Studio, where you will see many less obvious, ambitious Polish works. "A Short Film About Love". "Prostitutes". "Cruise" and "The Double Life of Veronica" these are just one of the selected proposals most frequently displayed by Internet users.

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And you, where do you watch your favorite movies?