WhatsApp on Android downloaded 5 billion times. This is the second case in history

whatsapp 2

It's impressive.

It can't be denied that 5 billion downloads are admirable. Until recently, only applications from Google could boast of crossing this barrierwhich – usually – are already pre-installed on Android devices. The trend was broken last year by Facebook.

He has just joined the billionth group WhatsApp, i.e. … another program from Facebook. Here, however, we are dealing with an even more unique feat, because the service is not pre-installed on a significant number of devices. WhatsApp is present at the factory, among others on most Samsung smartphones.

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Either way, reaching the 5 billion downloads threshold is worth mentioning. WhatsApp is an increasingly popular service, so it is not surprising that it was just behind Facebook (when it comes to applications from developers other than Google).

You have to remember that this is not the sum of the app's installation, because WhatsApp is still available on iOS. The result of the service is therefore even greater. Now he just looks forward to the next program that will cross the mythical barrier of 5 billion.

Source: 9to5google