What new features do we want to see in iOS 14? [Wideo]

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A large proportion of Apple product users are already using the latest iOS 13.2 software. This year there will be iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3, which will primarily bring corrections to the reported errors. We will see iOS 14 only during the June WWDC 2020 event, but now we can talk about what could be in the new version of OS.

An interesting one has just appeared on the web conceptual material presenting the video form the most coveted news that many would like to see in iOS 14. One of them is even the function of many system accounts on one device, which is not supported by either iOS smartphones or tablets with iPad OS. Of course, this option is available for selected services – you can log in to different accounts for iCloud.

Another long awaited feature is phone call interface similar to that of Android, which is expanded from the top of the screen and which can be minimized at any time. On iPhones, many people would like to see the feature always-on display with many interesting "complications" similar to the new Apple Watch.

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Perhaps a split screen view could also be useful Split View on iPhones, similar to that of the iPad OS? Smartphones with large screens could allow two applications to run simultaneously next to each other. The split screen could also allow easy transfer of files between applications.

In the recording below, created by the user with the nickname Hacker 34, you will also see the functions adding GIFs from the default keyboard iOS and the ability to set more applications as defaults for specific OS activities. Ah, and the concept also shows the option of placing app icons on the desktop in anywhere

And what changes would you like from iOS 14? What functions are missing in your iPhones and iPads?

Source: YouTube