What just happened ?! China accused Xiaomi and Tencent of illegal data collection

xiaomi is spying

Xiaomi in trouble.

Is #xiaomilepsze? Not necessarily. Chinese equipment and application manufacturers are regularly accused of collecting user data and passing it on to the Chinese government. Of course, Americans are leading the way in prosecution, who, among others, led to such accusations breaking Huawei's collaboration with many US companies, including Google. This time the cannon fired a Chinese government … which accused Chinese companies of illegal data collection Xiaomi and Tencent.

China believes that Xiaomi and Tencent in a way illegal gather user data in the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese Ministry of Industry, Information and Technology has created a list of a total of 41 applications that violate the national law related to the collection and resale of user data. Programs often make it difficult to uninstall, unsubscribe or require too many permits, which they ask for notoriously. Many applications include Xiaomi Finance and Tencent QQ. By the way, there were the owner of Weibo, the Chinese social networking site, Sina Corp.

The rulers have announced that applications that are not adapted to applicable law will have to be removed and their developers will be burdened with severe financial penalties. The implementation of the amendments will be supervised by a special commission appointed by the Ministry, which will also look at other most downloaded applications in China for other violations. So far, the Chinese have detected over 8,000 applications over two months, the operation of which left much to be desired from the point of view of the regulations. Their creators have already modified them to match current standards.

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We like to complain that many applications are "spying" on users without their knowledge. Perhaps in Poland the relevant regulations would also be useful and app checks modeled on China? Perhaps if Google is not able to take care of the proper level of security of games and programs distributed on Google Play, then for the interest of citizens should the Polish government do it? Or maybe the state apparatus should not get involved in such matters at all?

Source: Fossbytes