We know the date of the SpaceX manned flight. Falcon 9 failure simulation completed successfully


Good news after a successful test.

Yesterday SpaceX recorded another historic triumph. It successfully carried out a simulated failure of the Falcon 9 rocket, checking that the Crew Dragon spacecraft evacuation system was working correctly. As everything went according to plan, Elon Musk finally revealed a bit more about the first planned manned flight of the capsule.

During a press conference that followed the test, Elon Musk revealed that the first manned mission involving the Crew Dragon was most likely will be held in the second quarter of this year, i.e. between April and June. Nevertheless, the equipment itself should be ready for such a flight in the first quarter, most likely in February.

As part of a mission known as Demo-2, two NASA astronauts, will visit the International Space Station for at least a few days. Interestingly, it looks like Demo-2 may be a longer mission than originally planned.

"If [the mission] lasts longer, we will need to conduct additional training for our astronauts so that they are actually preparing to do things at the International Space Station that they were not supposed to do. So we have to look at it and make a decision. ", said NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine.

crew dragon

Of course, SpaceX's announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, delays in the space industry are very common. This also applies to SpaceX, which has implemented many concepts for longer than planned. For example, we mean the Falcon Heavy rocket.

Source: CNBC