We have lived to see! Microsoft provides a new Edge Chromium browser

premiere of microsoft edge chromium

Download Microsoft Edge Chromium now.

We all had to wait a long time, but finally the day came. Today, January 15, Microsoft officially releases its new web browser. Microsoft Edge now uses the Chromium engine, which replaces old EdgeHTML. Microsoft Edge Chromium starting today will be installed automatically on all computers running Windows 10 and will replace the older version of the application. Business users can take advantage of the special blocker preventing this update. Each of you will probably use it successfully. The question is: why would you want to do this?

The new Edge Chromium is not only faster and in short: more modern than its predecessor. Many people will be glad to hear that Microsoft's browser is receiving support for extensions known from Chrome or user profiles. Perhaps these new products will make more than the current 2.3% of all Internet users use the solution proposed by the Redmond giant.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that Edge Chromium is not shocking with innovation and many of its features have long been available in Chrome, Vivaldi or Opera applications. Ba, many of you in the Microsoft product will find a lot of deficiencies. Despite this, the program looks neat and surprises with an eye-catching interface, well correlating with the graphics of Windows 10.

You can download Microsoft Edge Chromium manually from our file base now. When you install the program, all associations with the previous version of the web browser will be removed, and the downloaded news will appear in every place in the system.

It is worth remembering that Microsoft Edge Chromium will also be available to owners of Windows 7on which system it will replace Internet Explorer 11.