We are waiting the most for these Google Assistant functions in Polish

At the beginning of 2019, the Google Assistant began to communicate with us in Polish. I am not lying to say that many people were disappointed in his debut. Unfortunately, the virtual helper in Poland still has very limited functions compared to the English version. Sure, I like to use it and I even have some of my favorite features, but I can't pass by some minor shortcomings.

Some time ago Mateusz tossed you a link to the site, which includes all activities available in Polish, broken down by categories. I don't know what you miss the most, but I'm waiting for the following Google Assistant functions in Polish.

What features are missing in the Google Assistant in Polish?

1. Unlock your smartphone by voice

The Google Assistant in Polish supports the Voice Match function, which allows you to talk to him even when the device is locked. Unfortunately, in this mode it is impossible to run some applications, and the functions are very limited. In Poland, we cannot still unlock the smartphone by voice. Maybe this is good, since the Assistant still can not often distinguish between my "OK Google" command and commands spoken by friends?

2. "Remember and remind" function

If, like me, you have extremely poor memory, then you will immediately fall in love with the function available in Polish that allows the Assistant to remember and remind specific information. You can tell the assistant to remember your other half's favorite dish or remember and remember where you left your keys. Unfortunately, not in Polish.

3. More votes to choose from

Google recently boastedthat Germans, French, Dutch, Norwegians, Italians, Koreans, Japanese, residents of Great Britain and Indians will be able to choose new Google Assistant votes. Poles are still condemned to the male voice and the female voice appearing sporadically and in some applications. We still have to wait for the possibility of choosing from different colors (sic!) Of the voice.

4. Programming of actions at the "Good morning" command

When you speak to Google using one of the greetings – for example "good morning" or "good evening" – the Google Assistant in Polish will greet you, give you the hour, read the weather forecast and tell you how long it will take you to work or home. The Google Assistant in English-speaking countries allows you to program many more functions related to the so-called "routine" of the day. When you say "good morning" he will turn on the radio at home or a compatible TV, for example, and when you say "good evening" he will turn on the light in the living room and dim it to a certain level.

5. Did you miss any e-mail from yesterday?

The Google Assistant in Poland will not read you unread emails from a specific day. It is possible in English and in English-speaking countries. The function is useful, for example, when you are driving a car and you cannot or should not use your smartphone with your hand.

6. TV program – where and about which I will see my favorite series

In Polish, a request to provide a TV program only results in links to such. Google Assistant in many countries is able to specify when and on what program your favorite items are displayed.

7. Playing games with the Assistant

At the beginning of the year, Google Assistant could not play anything. In the Polish version, the first games appeared – quite interesting – but unfortunately there are still not enough of them. There is even a lack of opportunity to pass the time at the noughts and crosses partitions and many others. All in the hands of independent developers who can integrate their apps with the assistant. For example, the game "Polish Birds" is noteworthy.

8. Develop a continuous conversation function

The continuous conversation function with the Assistant in Polish is still in its infancy. The range of commands is very limited compared to that offered in the United States and it is extremely annoying in a situation where we can not reach for a smartphone. Looking at what the Assistant in the USA did a year ago, we can feel jealous.

Of course, there are many more deficiencies and they are to a large extent minor functions, which are impossible to find and replace effectively. Have you noticed other significant shortcomings outside this list? Let me know in the comments.