We already know when the dark mode will go to Facebook

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Finally we have lived to see.

Facebook is slowly starting to implement the dark mode version your browser service. The changes were originally announced during the conference that took place in April 2019, but only now we learned how much we will really have to wait for the changes. Website officials have reported that Dark mode will reach all users before the start of this year's spring. Already, some people can test dark mode both in the browser and on mobile devices.

So how do you check if you have been selected to a limited group of people who can use the dark mode on Facebook in advance? Each of the people selected at random by Facebook will see a special window on the site with an invitation to what the company marked as "New Facebook" – However it sounds. After switching to the new site, the service will allow the use of white and light background, as well as changing to dark colors. The same applies to applications designed for iPhones and Android smartphones.


The new, redesigned Facebook is more than ever focused on communities. Social networking site is not only to look better, but also to work faster and be better optimized relative to devices with weaker specifications. Facebook is now able to "devour" a really large amount of RAM, thus affecting other applications open on the computer.

It is worth remembering that in addition to the new desktop version of the site, Facebook is also preparing Messenger messenger in a refreshed version for computers with Windows. Currently, there is nothing else to do but wait. The full implementation of the new version of Facebook will probably differ depending on the region and tests. Any person invited to the pilot program will be able to submit comments and point out errors appearing while using the website.

We have to be patient.

Source: CNET