VR technology definitely does not stand still. Oculus Quest receives "hand tracking" function

oculus hand tracking

Experimental novelty.

Not so long ago, Oculus Quest goggles for sale, requiring neither a computer nor cables, were sold. And what if we told you that controllers would soon be redundant? A technology called Hand Tracking was developed – its name seems to speak for itself.

As Mark Zuckerberg stated at OC 6, developing "hand tracking" is the next step to minimizing the number of equipment needed to enter the world of virtual reality. However, we warn you immediately – the technology will not work on the day of release as it does in futuristic films. We are dealing with an experiment.

The Oculus blog entry leaves no doubt – Hand Tracking is optional and is in its infancy. This can be seen even in the promotional material below. Cameras present in Oculus Quest record only basic user movements, so at this moment "hand tracking" can be used in not very advanced productions.

The announcement of the title function (it will visit the goggles at the beginning of next year) is a clear sign that VR is not going anywhere. The popularity of virtual reality may not be huge at present, but I think that in a few years this state of affairs will change – at least thanks to devices such as Oculus Quest.

Source: Oculus